From the engine called "Célérifère" to the recentliest...


Some dates...

1790-91: The Comte de Sivrac imagined to build a vehicule with aligned wheels that he called "célérifère".
How was this engine propulsed ? Imagine you walk in a seated position.

1813: The Baron Drais von Sauerbronn modified this "célérifère", by adding a driving bar.
At this time, the "célérifère" became "vélocipède" and was presented in april 1818 on this place "jardins des Tuileries".

1855: Sir François Pierre Michaux, carrossery engineer, adapted pedals on the front wheel axe.

1866: Sir Pierre Lallement took in Washington the first brevet for a pedals velociped.

1879: A bristish man called Lawson found the idea to transmit the motion of the "crank" to the rear wheel through a chain.

1887: John Boyd Dunlop invented pneumatics.

1890: Michelin made these pneumatics umountable.

1905: Paul de Vivie invented a speeds system.

1970: Borned the first "BMX", a multi-purpose bike invented by some motocross men. During this year appeared also an other multi-purpose bike called "VTT".

1979: Engineers worked more and more on the bike's aerodynamism.

1983: The security pedals appeared. The princip comes from the sky fixations.

1990: The use of composites and other strong-light components such kevlar,carbon, titanium is increasing considerably. The most recent technologies are applied to the bike.